Best Fit Line Rulers

The End of the Line

It’s time to stop making things out of plastic. So after 10 years, the last Best Fit Line Ruler ever made came off the printing screen in January 2019.

A really big thank you goes out the Institute of Physics who were great supporters of the Best Fit Line Ruler right from the outset.

If you’re new to the BFLR, our North American distributor, Arbor Scientific has a short video to show you what it is all about.

Great Best Fit Lines resources free to download

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The Best Fit Line Ruler is a stationery innovation to help you draw the line of best fit on a scatter graph. Just lay the clear ruler over your graph, once data points have been plotted, and the grid on the BFLR will help you to make sure you get as many points as possible as close as possible to the central slot. Then slide your pencil along the groove and there’s your best fit line.

Watch the instructions video!

Patent awarded!

The patent on this amazing invention was recently awarded, to add to its Registered Design status. The simple innovation behind Best Fit Line Rulers has proved a big hit with teachers and pupils alike.  Some schools have gone as far as to provide one for every pupil. “So simple it’s brilliant,” said Dr Mike O’Neill,  erstwhile Teacher of the Year. Drawing a best fit line on a graph in maths, physics, biology, chemistry, geography or even design & technology can be a very important graphical skill. The best fit line ruler makes the job much easier to draw your best-fit lines and for GCSE or A Level studies there are often marks awarded for showing the data trend line so using a bestfitlineruler can be useful for gaining these points. In analysis of experimental results a bestfit line ruler will allow you quickly and easily spot any linear pattern in the data and draw the line of best fit with ease.


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