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Here’s a page of bits and pieces for teaching and learning about best-fit lines and how to draw them and use them. This page will be updated from time to time with new and extra resources,  so keep checking back to see what’s new in the world of the Best Fit Line Ruler.

Five STEM graphing activities – Click pink to dowload

We now have a set of five graphing activities which come on the back of the instructions cards for the Best Fit Line Ruler.  Here’s the Earth Sciences one as an example:

The others in the series are:

Finding Pi – measure some circular objects and plot a graph of circumference against diameter; gradient = pi.
Hubble’s Law explains the expansion of the universe, Hubble’s law and a graph to find the age of the Universe.
Exothermic Reactions experimental results of copper sulphate displaced by zinc are graphed to find the initial temperature change.
Enzymes Drink Milkexperimental results of the action of trypsin on milk powder solution are plotted to see how concentration affects enzyme activity.

The STEM Activities cards are currently out of stock.



Excel spreadsheet of example data


Hubble’s Law powerpoint show


1. University College London, maths help page.

2. A great set of animations from the Edmonton Public Schools in Canada.

3. A great resource by  Nigel Davies – Numeracy Adviser – Wrexham & NGfL Cymru

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