Old News

Here you can find some stuff that happened for us in the past:

From March 2018:

The Lightbulb Moment

Draw your best fit line more easily!

Draw your best fit line more easily!

Pearson’s international schools community website now features an article about the invention of the Best Fit Line Ruler. Click here to read the article.

And if you like what you see, you can click International Shopping for a link to your nearest distributor or to buy direct from us if you are outside those regions. Our North American distributor, Arbor Scientific has a short video to show you what the BFLR is all about.

From September 2014:

Willkommen bei Best Fit Line Rulers!

On 24th September, Best Fit Line Rulers made their first appearance in Germany. The MNU day for teachers was held at the Goethe School in Hannover, and many delegates were lucky enough to walk away with a free BFLR. Bitte besuchen Sie unsere deutsche Website.

From July 2014:

US launch at AAPT Minneapolis, July 2014

A July visit to the Summer Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers launched the Best Fit Line Ruler in the USA and Canada, in conjunction with our new North American distributors Arbor Scientific. If you’re in North America, check out their webpage at www.arborsci.com/best-fit-line-ruler.

From June 2014:

Happy Birthday BFLR!

It doesn’t seem like yesterday that the first Best Fit Line Ruler graced the graph paper of a student at Sunderland High School, but in June BFLR is in fact celebrating its 5th birthday!

To celebrate, we’re giving away 5 BFLR birthday presents on 25th June 2014. Check out our Facebook page to see the list of the lucky winners.

From March 2014:

Perimeter Institute takes BFLR across the Pond

New PI LOGO NEOGRAM outline black



Canada’s foremost theoretical Physics research hothouse, the Perimeter Institute has fallen in love with Best Fit Line Rulers. From early March, they will be distributing PI branded BFLR’s to all and sundry, to highlight their importance and usefulness in analysing data to find relationships from scientific graphs.


From December 2013:

Christmas Spectacrular winner!

Congratulations to Melanie Brown for winning the Christmas Spectacrular BFLR Competition. Personalized Best Fit Line Ruler chocolates will be winging their way to her asap.

mel wins xmas








{Competition run through the Facebook page}


From August 2012:

Patent awarded!

The patent for the Best Fit Line Ruler has been awarded. Wooohooo!!
So, patent party at rulers HQ on Saturday 29th September. Bring your favourite invention (apart from the BFLR!) or better yet, come dressed as it! 8pm onwards

From September 2011:

Five STEM graphing activities

We now have a set of five graphing activities which come on the back of the instructions cards for the Best Fit Line Ruler. Here’s a fuzzy version of the Earth Sciences one as an example:


{Sorry, these STEM cards are not currently available!!}

From July 2011:

Best Fit Line Rulers go social!

You can now follow your favourite graphing stationery tool on Facebook. Search FB for us, or go direct to www.facebook.com/BestFitLineRuler but however you get there, make sure you like us. Or you can do it here:


From May 2010:

Summer Sale on Seconds

We have built up a limited quantity of ‘printing seconds’. These have tiny flaws in the markings on the ruler. They are perfectly functional, but have e.g. a missing ‘3’, or the logo has smudged, or some similar little thing.

For the remainder of the summer term, we are offering these at half price. All you need to do is make an order as normal, and in the ‘Special Instructions’ field, write the phrase “Double me up with seconds!”. (If you are making a paper-based order by snail mail then scrawl the same instruction in massive letters on it so it can’t be missed). You will then be sent twice as many as you have ordered, but for the normal cost. VAT and delivery free as usual. There are a variety of colours and degrees of flaw, and you’ll get a random selection.

When they’re gone, they’re gone.


From December 2009:

The Institute of Physics loves BFLR’s

IOP Classroom Physics Dec09


From September 2009:

Science Learning Centres endorse Best Fit Line Rulers

The national Science Learning Centre now have specially branded Best Fit Line Rulers to advertise their activities. At the same time, the National Stem Centre has also joined forces with BFLR to show that straight line graphs can advance the cause of the STEM subjects. Separately, the Science Learning Centre North-East were one of the first organisations to get on board the BFLR train.

From June 2009:

Here it is!!end-with-pencil

The BestFitLineRuler – BFLR – was launched on 25th June 2009. This brand new invention makes locating and drawing the line of best fit on a line graph easy.

Just lay the clear ruler over your graph, once data points have been plotted, and the grid on the BFLR will help you to make sure you get as many points as possible as close as possible to the central slot. Then slide your pencil along the groove and there’s your best fit line.

With centimetre and millimetre markings along the edges, it acts as a traditional ruler too.


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