Buy direct from the BFLR inventor

If you buy your BestFitLineRulers directly from this website, we are offering them for just £39 for a box of 30. Or less – the more boxes you buy the cheaper they are. Postage and packing is free within the UK. And with free delivery, this makes them the same price as ordinary rulers – they’re just better!

You can buy them individually for £2 each, and that price also includes delivery in the UK.

Either way, there’s no VAT to pay. Click here to buy online now.

The RRP for BestFitLineRulers is £2.25.

Outside the UK?

For destinations outside the UK, we only send one box at a time and the total charge is for 30 rulers and shipping.

In the European Union we are offering a 10% discount until the end of 2018 to beat Brexit! So, for now, European customers can get them for GBP £45 £40.

and GBP £55 to the rest of the world. International orders are only available by online purchase.

Click here to make an international order.



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