What is the BestFitLineRuler?

Best Fit Line Ruler – What is it?

This is a revolutionary new stationery instrument. It has all the uses of a traditional ruler, but can also help you to draw the best fit line on a scatter graph much more accurately and easily than you can with a traditional ruler.best fit line rulers for drawing line of best fit on graphs - physics maths chemistry bestfit graphs

How do you use it?

Use the BFLR to draw your graph as normal. Plot the points as normal. Then use the BFLR grid to locate the best position for the best fit line, as indicated by the central slot in the BFLR. Slide your pencil along the central slot to produce a crisp and accurate best fit line.


Best fit line rulers can really help in working out the position that a line of best fit should be drawn on a graph. In all science subjects, maths, DT, and geography, the bestfit line ruler can help students gain marks in GCSE and A Level work. Data trend lines are important in analysing experimental graph results, and the bestfitlineruler can boost accuracy in determining the exact position of this best-fit to the pattern of the points.



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