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Best fit line rulers – How can a BFLR help you?

The BestFitLineRuler helps you to draw trend lines on graphs much more easily and accurately than a traditional ruler. With the grid pattern, you can be really sure that you have the points equally spaced on either side of your best fit line, and as close to it as possible all the way along.

In the UK, all GCSE Maths syllabuses, and the Science syllabuses, including separate science Biology, Chemistry and Physics, offer a mark for drawing a best fit line onto a line graph. The best fit line ruler can help to make sure pupils get this mark. It can help gain marks in many AS and A2 exams as well.

Better still, with the BFLR you still get all the functions of an ordinary ruler – you can measure with it, and draw straight lines easily. So before you get to placing a best fit line on your data, you can draw the graph axes using your BFLR as well. If your experiment includes making length measurements, it has centimetre and millimetre markings to use for these.

With a bit of care, it can be used to draw the tangent to a curve. Or for fun, you could even use it to draw parallel lines!

The Institute of Physics loves BFLR’s

IOP Classroom Physics Dec09

Science Learning Centres endorse Best Fit Line Rulers

The national Science Learning Centre now have specially branded Best Fit Line Rulers to advertise their activities. At the same time, the National Stem Centre has also joined forces with BFLR to show that straight line graphs can advance the cause of the STEM subjects. Separately, the Science Learning Centre North-East were one of the first organisations to get on board the BFLR train.

So how do you get one?

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